With over 40 years industry experience we can provide the following services:

  • All our locators are BEFORE YOU DIG Certified Locators
  • We provide and interpret BEFORE YOU DIG plans
  • Locating all things metallic including underground optic fibre, telephone and electricity infrastructure.
  • Hydro Excavation services to pot-hole if required.
  • Supervise excavations around high risk services (i.e. Optic Fibre cables)
  • Consult with design and project engineers at the planning stage
  • Consult with asset owners if required.


Why use our services?

Prior to digging or excavating, the first thing you should consider is what is buried under the ground.

Water, Gas and Sewerage has often been buried for a century, in the past 40 years many electrical and communications services are now also buried underground.

Historically, many accidents and disruptions have occurred from excavators unwittingly digging up underground assets – rupturing sewerage pipes, gas mains explosions and even deaths from contact with electricity cables. Some incidents have left entire communities isolated from power, water or phone services.

These buried services need to be identified when civil works are being carried out in their vicinity.

‘Out of sight and out of mind’ in these instances can be disastrous. By utilising Spot On’s location services you can fulfill your Duty of Care obligations and prevent damage, disruption, injury and even death.

Give our professional team a call on 1300 531 431 to locate telecommunications, power cables and optic fibre infrastructure.

We are fully insured and can help prevent costly and dangerous damage that you may inadvertently cause if you dig in the wrong location and end up paying for expensive repairs.

Don’t think it won’t happen to you? Give us a call on 1300 531 431 before it’s too late.